Florida PLUS - Carrier Board for Miami MPSoC Plus

Wide Variety of Interfaces and Functionality

The Florida Plus carrier board is intended as a generic development board for the Miami MPSOC Plus System-on-Modules (SOM) for general purpose applications as well as for the evaluation of the performance of the Miami MPSOC Plus SOM. The board is equipped with a wide variety of interfaces and functionality, which are further explained in this document.

Miami MPSOC Plus is based around the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ series ZU6, ZU9 and ZU15 System-on-Chip (SOC) devices. In combination with the Florida Plus it provides a high performance and flexible development environment. The Florida Plus can be purchased in combination with the Miami MPSOC Plus ZU9 and an accessory bag, forming a complete development kit.

    • SoM compatlibility
      • Miami MPSoC Plus ZU6/ZU9/ZU15
    • 2x Samtec QTH-060-01-L-D-A board-to-board interconnect + 1x Samtec QTH-090-01-L-D-A
    • Dyplo supported plattform
    • 1x LAN (1000M/100M/10M)
    • WiFi via MIO with SDIO
    • 1x UART via USB or Virtual COM
    • PCI-express
    • 2x Sata-3
    • 2x CAN via PMOD
    • I2C via PMOD
    • SPI via PMOD
    • 2x USB-C
    • 1x SD-Card/ SDIO
    • 2x 100% LPC FMC
    • 2x PMOD
    • Audio via PMOD
    • Video via FMC or PMOD
    • 1x JTAG
    • single 12Vdc 5A supply
    • 0°C...+70°C

    Florida PLUS + Miami MPSoC Plus


    • Miami MPSoC (ZU6/ZU9/ZU15) - SoC-FPGA Module
    • power supply
    • cabling
    • SD-card
    • case
    • reference design
    • 0°C...+70°C


    The interfaces on the Florida carrier board provide functionality for data acquisition, visualisation, human-machine interfaces and communication. Using these facilities you are able to prototype your application in an early phase and validate the actual needs of your application.

    The Florida boards come with a reference schematic and printed circuit board layout which can be used to customize the board according to your needs and incorporating the Miami SoM.The basic Linux development environment is part of the Miami SoM, including the board support package. Additional peripheral drivers are supplied in a dedicated Florida support package.  Make sure to use the correct power adapter when powering the Florida PLUS and take the appropriate ESD precautions to prevent damage to the board.

    Wide Variety of Interfaces and Functionality