Express Shark EH101

PCIe x 1 Optical Expander

The EXPRESS SHARK PCIe Expander enables user to operate PCIe devices over fiber optic cable. Any PCIe device, i.e. multimedia-, SATA- or data acquistion cards, etc., can be connected to the host via the fiber optics connections at distances up to 250 meters. No additional host software drivers are required during installation or operation, the EXPRESS SHARK PCIe Expander works out of the box.

The ET-101 board is to connect single PCIe Gen.2 peripheral boards to an optical link.  One PCIe lane is supported (x1), any board up to x16 may be inserted.


Contact us for other options like

  • PCIe Gen 3
  • legacy PCIe to PCI bridging
  • different host interface
  • different device interface
  • transition for usage in rough environments