MSMP1EVK - STMP1 Evaluation Kit

Easy Start and Integration of the MSMP1 SiP

The MSMP1EVK supports a quick start-up of CPU projects and can easily be used as a fast-prototype platform.

The MSMP1EVK contains the Open Standard Module compliant System-In-Package based on ST Microelectronics STMP1 Family architecture offering high-performance single/dual CortexA7 cores in combination with a CortexM4 core. The MSMP1 combines compact design and a wide range of services, bringing low power consumption, thermal efficiency and low-cost to embedded systems.


The idea of all Open Standard Modules is to create a new, future proof and versatile standard for small-size, low-cost embedded computer modules, combining the following key characteristics:

  • Completely machine processible during soldering, assembly and testing
  • different possible packages for direct PCB soldering without connector
  • Pre-defined soft- and hardware interfaces
  • Open-Source in soft- and hardware

The Open Standard Module specification allows developing, producing and distributing embedded modules for the most popular MCU32, ARM and RSICV architectures. For a growing number of IoT applications this standard helps to combine the advantages of modular embedded computing with increasing requirements regarding costs, space and interfaces.