MSRZG2ULEVK - Evaluation Kit for Open Standard Modules

Versatile and Edgy Evaluation Kit for OSM SoMs

The MSRZG2ULEVK is the flexible platform for a quick and smooth startup with your new MSRZG2UL System on Module, based on the OSM standard. Due to its functionality it supports developers for a quick startup, helps developing software and can also be used as a platform for rapid prototyping.

The baseboard supports SoMs which are compatible to the OSM specification as well as SoMs compliant to proprietary implementations. The evaluation system consists out of the

  • SoM, hosting all memory and logic interfaces
  • the adapter board, converting interfaces and/or voltage levels to the right value / direction so that the SoM functionality can be used on the baseboard
  • the baseboard which hosts all components to provide the physical interface implementation and connectors
    • MSRZG2UL System on Module
    • Ethernet on RJ45 connector
    • USB Host on USB A connector
    • USB OTG interface on USB microAB connector
    • console interface on USB microAB connector
    • UART on pin header
    • CAN on pin header
    • SPI on pin header
    • I2C on pin header
    • GPIO on pin header
    • JTAG on pin header


      • MSRZG2UL-A0A SoM
        • Renesas RZ/G2UL R9A07G043U11GBG
        • 512MB DDR4 RAM
        • no eMMC NAND Flash
        • 128MBit SPI-NOR
        • -25°...+85°C


      • MSRZG2UL-BAA SoM
        • Renesas RZ/G2UL R9A07G043U11GBG
        • 1GB DDR4 RAM
        • 4GB eMMC
        • 128MBit SPI-NOR
        • -25°...+85°C


    Versatile and Edgy Evaluation Kit for OSM SoMs