QFN Style Solder-Down Computer On Module Family QSMP Evalkit

The QS series is a QFN style solder-down Computer on Module. It integrates all the core components such as processor, memory and power supply on a small square size of 27mm (QS) or 29mm (QSX) at a maximum overall mounting height below 3mm, soldered onto an application specific carrier board. Its QFN type lead style has a 1mm pitch with 100 (QS) or 108 (QSX) pads. The central ground pad additionally acts as thermal pad.

Since industrial applications lead to faster, higher integrated and lower power electronic circuits with a smaller formfactor, the PCB layout becomes more and more important. With a good layout many EMI problems can be minimized to meet the required specifications. It’s not only the pinout which should lead to an easy wiring without the need for crossings. It has also to provide a proper solution for the signal path back to the module. If this return path, mostly the ground plane, cannot be connected near the signal pin, the return current has to take another way and this may result in a loop area.



Benefit by using QS module family



With only 27mm x 27mm the QS module family has very compact dimensions. They include a complete embedded System on Module with processor, PMIC, RAM and flash memory.

Because of the very dense packaging on the top side, there are no components on the bottom side of the module, cut-outs on the base board are not required. The pin compatible family concept provides all important interfaces needed for embedded designs, e.g. USB, Gigabit-Ethernet, display and many serial interfaces.


qs-dimsAll signal connections are located at the module edges, allowing easy optical inspection during production.
The modules can be assembled by automatic pick & place machines without any mechanical assembly work necessary.
The pin-optimized QS concept enables the use of a simple, cost-effective 2-layer base board.

To support a quick evaluation and project start, a starter kit, with included schematics and bill of materials, is available.

Flexibility, high performance and easy integration

Target Markets

Embedded computing power is very much in demand in a growing number of multimedia-centric devices. The KaRo QSMP is ideally suited for target markets requiring high-end devices for powerful images and impressive video streaming creating connected devices in the following vertical markets.

  • Automation
  • Medical technology
  • Industrial control
  • Digital signage
  • Transportation

Processor features

By combining the power-efficient processing capabilities of the  STM32MP157C architecture with bleedingedge 3D and 2D graphics, the QSMP provides a new level of multimedia performance to enable an unbounded next-generation user experience.