MX10 – Intel® PSG MAX10 SoM

Flash based FPGA supporting RISC-V ISA Softcores

MX10  is a non-volatile and fully programmable SoM solution based on the MAX®10 family by Intel® PSG. It incorporates advantages of MAX 10 FPGA such as instant-on functionality, integrated analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and dual configuration flash.

MX10 can be used with the standard baseboard (SpiderBase) as a complete building block or can be plugged into existing designs and products as  functional part. It connects to its baseboard via a 230pins MXM2 connector and provides the ideal solution support for various soft-core CPUs, video-processing algorithms, etc.

The module delivers full-featured FPGA capabilities including support for various soft-core CPUs, advanced DSP and video-processing algorithms as well as external DDR3 controller.

USB Firmware for MX10 and SpiderSoM

MX10 and SpiderSoM modules provide a USB device interface implemented with PIC16F1454 microcontroller (MCU). On the SoM side the MCU is connected to three interfaces: serial (if the other side is implemented inside the FPGA), I2C bus (connected to the module PMIC, charge controller, RTC and FPGA), and FPGA JTAG programming interface.

On the host side Linux is supported as Operating System, currently Ubuntu16.04LTS is marked as a reference base.


While the SpiderSoM targets the area of IoT Maker applications MX10 was designed to be used in professional electronic designs in commercial applications.