Vision Kit for AI in Industrial Applications

The C-Vision kit provides a unique design platform for industrial applications with embedded vision and artificial intelligence (AI). The combination of computer vision and AI in one kit enables the immediate processing and evaluation of image data.

The C-Vision kit is based on the popular MCV Cyclone V SoC-FPGA System-on-Module (SoM) platform on the MCVEVP baseboard, which can be optionally expanded with a 7-inch TFT display and capacitive touch screen. The C-Vision adapter can be used to connect two Basler Dart LVDS cameras, a miniPCIe card with Movidius Myriad X chip, Intel's Vision Processing Unit (VPU), and a monitor via an HDMI slot.

It combines the low power ARM architecture with the very flexible FPGA fabric. This enables customers to connect and control many different sensors and actuators. These include optical line, position, orientation, and acceleration sensors, AD converters, cameras, and more.