M100PFS goes to Mass Production

After initial testing and operation, porting the software, the M100PFS is now fully available for purchase. First customer projects have already been supplied with the SoM, reserve yours today in our Online-Shop.

In addition to general availability, we have significantly adopted and expanded the existing SoC-FPGA funktionality. The module features its IP reference design, a customized zero-stage bootloader, U-Boot as a generic bootloader, Linux with Yocto support, and Hart Software Services (HSS). The SoM impresses with its low power consumption, very good efficiency and high system security in a variety of different use cases. It is ideal for applications such as safety-related systems and artificial intelligence, where a high-performance, secure and energy-efficient computer architecture is to be combined with an FPGA. Its wide range includes applications such as smart embedded vision, industrial automation with robotics, telecommunications and industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Get more details on the product page.