Miami MPSoC - Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ based SoM

MPU/CPU/GPU/VCU and FPGA on a single board

The Miami MPSoC System on Module (SoM) is an embedded computer board, integrating all key functionalities to deliver a complete computing system, running e.g. Linux or FreeRTOS. The modules are based on Xilinx System on Chip 16nm technology, using Zynq Ultrascale+ ZU6/ZU9/ZU15.The module combines a high performance and high-density programmable logic with dedicated hardener IP blocks, such as DSP cores, memory controllers and PCIe endpoints.

It integrates all system components required to bring the system alive including memory, power supply, debugging facilities and various connectivity options. It is a suitable platform for phased array ultrasound and radar applications, which require effective processing power, high speed communication and software defined radio. The SoM has the ability to customize system interfaces and perform real-time signal acquisition. It comes with a aTOPIC supported Linux distribution, including a reference FPGA design.

The Miami combines most FPGA features on 70mmx68,4mm footprint, the board-to-board interconnect is implemented by using two high-quality connectors which expose 240pins. The SoM is available in both the commercial temperature range 0°C...+70°C as well as in the industrial temperature range -40°C....+85°C.



High Flexibility

Maximum flexibility for using the SoM  with 'exotic' interface requirements. Combining standard IP cores like i.e. SPI, USB, UART, Ethernet, CAN, serial, I²C, SPI, etc, unique SoM configurations can be used. Benefit from the variety of freely available IP-cores, or, create your own.

Miami MPSoC - Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ supports DYPLO - dynamic process loader.


It is a highly integrated and compact off-the-shelf solution for today’s high-performance embedded systems. Miami provides a best in class platform for balancing performance, low cost and power, making a perfect solution for applications that require high processing power, high speed interfaces, a high level of reliability, the ability to optimize system interfaces, and perform real-time analytics and control.

Target Markets

Typical application areas are any existing applications that use an applications processor together with an FPGA, including but not limited to (secure) communications, aerospace & defense, audio / video applications, medical and industrial imaging.