Miami Zynq Lite - SoC-FPGA Module

Balance of maximum Power and Perfomance at a Low-Cost

The Miami System on Module (SoM) is based on the Xilinx Zynq-7010/7020/7007s/7014s System on Chip (SoC). The module combines a high performance (ARM-based) application microprocessor with FPGA logic in a single chip.

It integrates all system components required to bring the system alive including memory, power supply, debugging and connectivity. The module comes withan actively supported main-line Linux distribution, including a template FPGA implementation connecting to the carrier board connector.

The Miami Zynq Lite combines most FPGA features on 65mmx45mm footprint, the board-to-board interconnect is implemented by using high-quality connector which expose 120pins. The SoM is available in both the commercial temperature range 0°C...+70°C as well as in the industrial temperature range -40°C....+85°C.


Target Markets

Typical application areas are any existing applications that use an applications processor together with an FPGA, including but not limited to (secure) communications, aerospace & defense, audio / video applications, medical and industrial imaging.

Miami Xilinx Zynq-7010/7020/7007s/7014s supports DYPLO - dynamic process loader.

High Flexibility

Maximum flexibility for using the SoM  with 'exotic' interface requirements. Combining standard IP cores like i.e. SPI, USB, UART, Ethernet, CAN, serial, I²C, SPI, etc, unique SoM configurations can be used. Benefit from the variety of freely available IP-cores, or, create your own.


It is a highly integrated and compact off-the-shelf solution for today’s high-performance embedded systems. Miami provides a best in class platform for balancing performance, low cost and power, making a perfect solution for applications that require high processing power, high speed interfaces, a high level of reliability, the ability to optimize system interfaces, and perform real-time analytics and control.